How to Find Out If Your Facebook Account Has Been Hacked and What to Do

Cyber criminals use social accounts for a lot of network scams. Here’s how to find out if hackers have tampered with your Facebook account

One of the biggest fears is to find your own account on a social network hacked and run by a cyber criminal. Facebook is definitely one of the most attractive platforms since each user shares on their own image and video account of their lives. So let’s see how to tell if our Facebook profile has been hacked.

There are a lot of ways a hacker can use a Facebook account. It could in a very simple way enter, copy every data and use your information to make online scams under a false identity. Needless to say, if that identity were ours, it would be a big problem. Or the cyber criminal could use our account for spam campaigns. This is also what sometimes happens to the most famous characters or with many followers. Or a hacker could use our profile to send malware-containing attachments to all of our friends. So then spread the virus and earn.

How do I know if my Facebook account has been hacked?

On Facebook There is a very simple way to understand if our account has ever been violated by a hacker. First we go to the top right arrow to open the menu, and click on Settings. At this point we will see a pop-up menu and choose the Protection item. Let’s look now under the words “devices from where you signed in.” At this point we read all the list of devices, as well as places and dates, through which we have logged on social. If we notice any suspicious names click on the “End Activity” button next to that device.

Other ways to Intuit a violation of the Facebook profile

There are some other ways to guess if one of our accounts has been hacked. First of all it is likely that a hacker has taken possession of our profile if we notice that name, date of birth, email or password have been changed, even if of a few letters or numbers. Another signal is given by the requests of friendship not sent by us but that we are reported anyway. More obvious signals are the messages not written by us but still sent and post published in our name without our real will.

What to do if Facebook has been hacked?

Once we realized that our account was hacked and we clicked on “Terminate activity” we immediately change the password. So you no longer allow the cyber criminal to access our profile. Then we report everything to Facebook. The social network, in fact, has a page created on Facebook help just to help users in these cases. To report the violation just click on the fake account and hacker attacks. This is under the heading Privacy and security rather than in that regulations and alerts. Done this Facebook will guide us step by step to restore the security of our account.

How to defend against hacker attacks

By clicking on the links that follow, instead, you can discover tips, some more technical others more affordable for everyone, regarding computer security and discover the types of attacks most common: from DDoS attacks to phishing, through botnets.