How Will Facebook Messenger Change in 2018

Facebook Messenger will undergo a restyling in 2018 to put order to the features and open even more to the business world.

January 17, 2018-The 2017 was an important year for Facebook Messenger. To testify to this are the numbers reached by the Instant Messaging service: More than 1.3 billion active users every month, more than 200,000 active bots that allow users to have a direct relationship with the most important companies in the world, 500 billion of emoji Sent and over 18 billion of GIF shipped. Numbers that last year were only reached by WhatsApp, another application of the Facebook galaxy.

But the Facebook Messenger developers are certainly not people who lie on their laurels and are already working to improve the messaging platform. In the last two years have been released many features that have enriched Facebook Messenger, but at the same time have made it more complicated to use. And in many cases the new features are not even taken into account by users because they have difficulty finding them. The goal for the 2018 is to make a complete restyling of the application, making it easier to use the app.

To say it is David Marcus, head of Facebook Messenger, who through a post on medium (Content management platform) explained how it will change the messaging service in the coming months. In addition to a new user interface, will be given more and more importance to messages in real time (especially video-chat), group conversations, but above all will try to make Facebook Messenger the preferred platform of companies. Not only to offer customer support, but also to promote tailor-made offers. Here are the changes we will see on Facebook Messenger in 2018.

Real Time Communications

For those who like to make video calls, Facebook Messenger is already among the best platforms to use. You can make group calls up to a maximum of 50 participants and share with our friends news and events that we participate in. Real time communication has become even more important in a period of crisis, where attacks and earthquakes can happen at any moment. And having tools that work in these particular moments is very important. Facebook Messenger wants to become the platform that users use when they have to feel comfortable after a natural disaster. Or when you have to celebrate the birthday of your grandson who lives on the other side of the world. For this reason we will enhance the tools to communicate live, especially taking advantage of video calls. An example is Messenger Kids, the messaging application dedicated to the under-13 that allows parents to always be in touch with their children thanks to VideoChat.

Simplify the user interface

In the last two years on Facebook Messenger have made their debut so many new features. AR filters for editing images, GIF support, the ability to customize groups. Many of these features released in the last two years, however, have done nothing but complicate the user interface and worsen the usability of the application. For this reason there will be a restyling of the application, in order to simplify its use and allow users to exploit all the hidden tools in Facebook Messenger.

Assist customers

With more than 200,000 active bots, Facebook Messenger is one of the preferred platforms for companies to get in touch with their customers. But for the moment it is a one-way relationship: Customers ask and bots or those who care about customer service respond. In 2018, developers would like this relationship to become mature, with companies contacting users/customers firsthand to offer products and services.